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Chronicling Rock History One Season at a Time



Journey: Worlds Apart offers an enthralling dive into the evolution of a legendary band. From their origins, emerging from the embers of Santana, Journey's tale is a mosaic of musical styles. This book delves into their journey as they transitioned from a dream to a global phenomenon, marked by iconic hits such as "Don't Stop Believin'," "Any Way You Want It," "Open Arms," and "Separate Ways." Selling over 100 million albums worldwide, their path to success was neither quick nor easy.


The band's dynamic changed with the addition of Steve Perry, whose soaring vocals, along with Neal Schon's steadfast guitar work, Gregg Rolie, and later Jonathan Cain, forged Journey's signature sound. However, the band faced challenges, particularly with Perry's departure, which almost altered the band's essence forever.

"Journey: Worlds Apart" is more than a mere chronicle of the band's history. It provides an intimate, behind-the-scenes exploration of each era, album, and tour. It's a tribute to Journey's enduring legacy, a must-read for fans, offering insights into the band's multifaceted journey from arena rockers and jam band to pop-culture icons and Rock and Roll Hall of Famers.

Don't miss the chance to embark on a musical odyssey with "Journey: Worlds Apart." Dive deep into the heart of a rock legend and witness the incredible story of Journey's rise to fame. Grab your copy now and gain an exclusive, all-access backstage pass to explore the triumphs, challenges, and evolution of one of rock's most iconic bands. Experience the journey behind the hits – this is a must-read for every music enthusiast and Journey fan. Order your copy today and be part of Journey's timeless legacy!



"From ‘Don’t Stop Believin” to ‘Separate Ways,’ Journey unconsciously wrote the band’s autobiography in their songs. Nick DeRiso’s JOURNEY: WORLDS APART follows that long, strange ‘journey’ from the stage of Woodstock to Trump’s Oval Office in almost granular detail, detailing a long-running battle of the band. A must-read for all Journey fans.”

– Joel Selvin, former San Francisco
Chronicle music writer





"This book was written for someone like me. I love biographies about rock bands, especially when they are structured chronologically like this one. Every member of the band and every major song is written about in detail, including how the song charted at its peak. I highly recommend this book."

—Amazon Reviewer


"It's a big job, taking on the task of chronicling the 50+ years of Journey—and all of the related projects that help to tell the complete story of what makes Journey tick as a band. Nick DeRiso was the right person for that job and has done an unbelievable job of researching and reporting the band's history."

—Amazon Reviewer


"This is easily my favourite book on Journey as it covers their entire career in detail from Santana, Frumious Bandersnatch, Azteca, and the Golden Gate Rhythm Section. Lots of photos keep the text engaging and reviews of many of their albums are featured too, it’s particularly interesting to read the early ones.

—Amazon Reviewer


"Not just a book. Packed with details. As designed, this book has many parallel storylines in order to give a greater understanding of certain times and events. A certain explanation may be repeated but keeps the otherwise massive story together. The depth of detail is exceptional.

—Amazon Reviewer



Nick DeRiso has been writing about music for three decades. He was a national music columnist for Gannett News Service and USA Today, before becoming assistant managing editor with Townsquare Media. DeRiso has also launched and hosted a series of radio programs for both public and commercial stations. He's been named columnist of the year five times by Associated Press, the Louisiana Press Association and the Louisiana Sports Writers Association, and has also had work published by American Songwriter, All About Jazz and Living Blues, among other national outlets.


DeRiso oversaw the launch of two stand-alone entertainment publications and a literary magazine, and also owned a live-music venue. Along the way, he oversaw a daily section that was named Top 10 in the nation by the Associated Press. He later helped create several stand-alone sites, including those affiliated with the University of Houston and Grambling State University. DeRiso has also served on more than a half dozen boards of directors, including the Louisiana Folklife Festival, the Baton Rouge Blues Festival, the Myrtle Beach Jazz Festival, Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and the Triangle Blues Society. A proud father and incredibly fortunate husband, he splits time between the Carolinas and New Orleans.

Journey: Worlds Apart is his first book—and his first book with Time Passages.

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