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Chronicling Rock History One Season at a Time

Firefly musical notes fly out of a vintage 1920s-era typewriter as a male writer dressed in 1920s-er-3.jpg


We are Time Passages™, a proud veteran-owned, family-operated independent book publisher located near Annapolis, Maryland.

We are passionate about rock and roll. Our mission is to bring the stories of iconic bands to life through an innovative season-by-season, chronological narrative. Our books offer unparalleled depth, combining meticulous research with stunningly designed pages that feature captivating informational graphics and detailed charting data. Dive into a reading experience like no other in the rock publishing world—where every page tells a story that rocks.

Do we publish books outside of our rigid format? We have not yet, but are open to ideas. However, as indie publishers go we are especially small and average about one title per year for now.  If you have an idea you would like to pitch reach us in the Contact page. 

Time Passages™, 4157 Mountain Road, Lake Shore, Maryland 21122

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